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Agricultural Education prepares students for successful careers and a lifetime of informed choices in the global agriculture, food, fiber and natural resources systems.

Agricultural Education provides students with the opportunity to participate in an integrated educational model that focuses students on careers, as well as the science and technology of managing and utilizing resources to provide all agricultural commodities and products to support the demands of growing world population. Agricultural education strives to provide students with a foundation for careers in all aspects of the agricultural industry, whether it be production, financing, processing, marketing, or distribution of agriculture products, or the vast network of supporting careers that provide the supplies and services as well as the management and conservation of our natural resource systems. In consideration of the many facets of agriculture, the mission of the agricultural education program is very comprehensive.

The program is designed to develop technical, leadership, and management expertise needed by secondary school students to continue their education and to succeed in the industry.

Agricultural Education is committed to equipping young people with the skills they need to be competitive in the 21st century. Whether those skills involve the technological knowledge required to perform career tasks or the people and personal skills necessary to perform both in a career and the community, agricultural education is committed to educating and developing future leaders.

The continued collaboration with specialists from America’s Land Grant University System enables agricultural education to maintain cutting edge philosophy in the various agricultural disciplines.

Agricultural education has traditionally been a year-long discipline that includes integral components that function beyond the classroom. During the summer months as well as during the school year, West Central Ag Ed incorporates time to develop students through leadership and career experiences.  We develop leadership in students through Chapter FFA involvement in program planning, officer development, and participation in state-sponsored Leadership schools.  West Central Ag Ed includes student participation in nationally sponsored programs such as the Washington Conference programs to help students develop leadership skills for the 21st century. Supervised agricultural experiences provide students with fundamental values necessary to succeed in a multitude of career options within the agricultural industry.



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